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Our friends at Border Force recently visited the club, and asked us to remind members and visitors of the assistance that we can provide in helping them in their fight against the heinous crime of people trafficking.

The recent Mo Farrah revelations bring into mind the impact that these organised criminals can have on an individual victim's life, but we should also not forget the tragedy of the 39 people who died in the back of a trailer in Thurrock. Whatever our individual views on immigration, nobody deserves that kind of fate.

If you see any unusual and suspicious activity please alert the local Border Force Intelligence Team - their details are on posters displayed around the club house. There are also some flyers in the lobby you may find useful.

They also provided some guidance as to what to do if you encounter a boat full of suspicious people at sea.

  • SAY. Report it by phone (999) or VHF (channel 16) to the local coast guard.
  • STAY. If they are just drifting treat it as a distress situation. Stand by until help arrives
  • STAND OFF. Do not approach the boat unless there is a life and death situation. You can best help those on board by helping guide the authorities in.

Whatever you do, don't ignore them - many of the victims are completely unaware of the risks they are taking in making these crossings, and are being ruthlessly exploited by the traffickers. The authorities will deal with what happens to them, but that can only happen if they are safely intercepted and rescued.

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