New for 2019,  TYC are proud to announce a new initiative aimed at building on our innovative crew membership offering, and maximising the opportunity for all members to get out on the water and enjoy everything that the club has to offer. Introducing the "Team Scheme".

Sailing in keelboats and cruisers is a team sport, and we want to recognise that. The concept of the scheme is simple. We are looking for skippers and crew to form a "team" that will last the duration of the sailing season with a commitment to participate in at least one entire series of races (e.g. Saturday series, Thursday series, or Trophy series)

If you are a skipper who is always short of crew, then you can form a team.

If you are an existing or prospective crew member without a regular berth, then you can join a team.

If you are a skipper who is looking to build their race experience crewing on someone elses boat, then you can join a team.

As well as bringing skippers and crews together, we want the scheme to help develop club's offering to members and we have added a couple of features to the programme that we hope will add to the interest and enjoyment for the team:

  • Skippers are encouraged to give crew experience on all stations of the boat - including the helm!
  • Teams are encouraged to participate in at least one "away" open event.

Full details of the scheme may be found here.

More details for prospective skippers and crew will follow in the next few weeks, but it is our intention to have everything up and running for the first race of the season. Current members are encouraged to think about how they might participate in the scheme, and if you have any questions please contact Murray James

Prospective members are warmly invited to contact the membership secretary for more information.