Thurrock Yacht Club start the new year with a new website. We have completed a revamp which we hope will bring more members and visitors to the site.  Central to the improvements are a revised home page which contains a host of useful information about the club and what we are up to.

Another key change is a revised structure to the site which now follows a similar navigation to other yacht clubs.

The site makes more use of photography than in the past and the web sub committee (Murray James, Gary Earley, and Peter Thornton) will be looking for quality snaps to keep the site fresh. Members are also encouraged to write "Salty Yarns" about their sailing adventures for the enjoyment of fellow members, but also to give visitors an insight into the benefit of belonging to a wonderful club like ours.

This is a small start, and like most other things at the club, the web site will be developed on a voluntary basis. The intention is it becomes our showcase to the world, and and a virtual meeting place for club members. All ideas gratefully received.