Sunday 7th of November 2021 marked a very special day in our club's history as organised dinghy sailing made a welcome return to Grays.

Many older members of Thurrock Yacht Club learnt to sail in dinghies in the 1960s and 70s, and old aerial shots of the club from the time show rows of sailing dinghies lined up on the foreshore. However over recent decades cruiser sailing has come to dominate the club's offer with just a few Mirror dinghies venturing out on to the water for special occasions.

The club was recently the beneficiary of a number of dinghies and safety boats following the demise of two sailing clubs at Stubbers in Upminster and has welcomed a number of new members from those clubs. This has resulted in the opportunity to introduce a safe and fun dinghy offer on the Thames using Wayfarer class dinghies, which at 16 feet long are ideal for the conditions.

Sunday's inaugural event saw around 20 club members enjoying the river in 6 dinghies, all helmed by experienced skippers.

Following the success of the initial session, the club hope to run sessions fortnightly as wind and tide conditions permit.