Windrush flotilla crew

Thurrock Yacht Club joined a celebration of one of the most significant maritime events in our borough's history, the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury in 1948.

Organised as part of Black History Month, our work boat Tango joined the PLA, RNLI, Police, Thames Clippers, and local dignitaries in a procession past the Tilbury landing stage and cruise terminal, to commemorate those who landed and to celebrate the contribution that they and their descendants have made to British society.

Tango flew the TYC pennant and the RNLI flag for all to see. We were first at the muster point and got PLA permission to use one of their buoys to hang off while we waited. It was beautifully sunny at this point so waiting was not a chore.

The flotilla formed up and paraded past the Tilbury landing stage, just astern of cruise ship Columbus,  a couple of times. The dignitaries waved their flags, Team TYC waved, everyone was having a great time! Music was provided courtesy of Pete B's Makita site boombox. COVID 19 restrictions could not dampen the spirit of the day and the sounds of whistles and cheers for the fleet could be heard all the way down to Tilbury Fort.

The PLA launch collected and distributed food for all the flotilla boats. Spicy Caribbean food! Delicious! The ravenous crew went back to Thurrock and tucked in,  during a brief rainstorm, before going ashore.

The club was honoured to be invited to make a contribution to this special day, and Tango's crew did us proud. Well done Peter, Tim, Debbie, Pete and Angie!

View footage of the day on our Youtube channel.