picture of a bolt being fastened
The first bolt goes in on the project to repair decayed and broken timbers protecting the slipway edge.  This prevents damage to dinghies coming alongside.
when pressed for a quote the R &D team said “Fits perfectly first time!”
Now the plans have been developed and the first pattern made helpers are required to continue the work, including carrying and fitting timbers to the slipway.  Please see Dave Woolston to volunteer you time, to fix your slipway, to protect your dinghy, at your club!
This is not the first maintenance project underway at the moment.  Thank you to everyone involved in recent work parties and the projects running at present.  
Take a look at the project sheets in the clubhouse folder.  These will inform you who you can see to help and volunteer on a project.  If you have specific skills, or if you wish to lead on a project please send the details from a worksheet to the commodore or secretary.