photo of people working

We are trialling a new way of tackling some of our bigger maintenance tasks.

Our club is entirely dependent on volunteer effort for most of its maintenance. This helps us keep our running costs down, and helps strengthen the bond between members and our club.

For some time we have run regular work parties, and whilst these have been successful we realise they have some limitations:

  • They are typically too short in duration to complete large tasks
  • Fixed times can interfere with peoples personal and sailing lives.
  • The tasks don't necessarily make the best of the skill sets that members bring to the club form their outside lives.

There is still a lot of value to be had in these sessions and we will continue to run them on the third Saturday of every month.

In addition however, we are going to trial a project approach. Some of the bigger tasks will be posted in the club house, and members are invited to volunteer to lead on their completion. Simply fill your name and those of anyone else you have to help you on the form. If you need help to find volunteers, the secretary will be happy to put a note out to members.