crossing tacks

Whether through participation or spectating from a distance, we love our racing. You may have noticed that we have started recording and publishing the scores with a computer system.

We are publishing scores of individual races along with current overall standings as soon as possible after each race to keep you up to date with how things are progressing. 

We are using SailWave software which is widely used by other clubs. The software is set to score races in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-24 which are also the official RYA rules. Some of the key elements worth noting are:


  • We are using our traditional Byron Handicaps, calculated using the Portsmouth Yardstick method - which is exactly what the race officer has been doing with a calculator, pen and paper in previous times. You may notice a small difference in the seconds - this is because the manual method returns them as a percentage of a minute, whilst the software works it out in proper seconds. We have checked and tested many times to make sure they are correct!


  • The series scoring allows for a competitor to discard their worst scoring races, depending on the overall number of races in the series. This means that only your best races count towards your overall standing.


Up to 2 races No discards apply
3 to 8 races 1 discard applies
9 or more races 2 discards apply


  • Once you enter a race in one of our series, you are registered for the entire series.


  • If you enter the start area but do not start or finish, then the rules (Appendix A9) state that you take a score one more than the total number of boats in the race provided you come to the start area.


  • If you do not compete, then you take a score of one more than the total number of boats in the series. This means that boats who show up regularly and achieve low placings are likely to do better in the series than a boat that shows up infrequently and scores well. In short, you really do need to be in it to win it!


If this sounds complicated, don't worry, the computer takes care of all of the number crunching. The great news is that we can see the standings as they develop through the series. If you are not happy with your current placing, then the simplest thing to do is enter more races!

All TYC members are reminded that special byelaws apply on the tidal Thames. All vessels, including those under sail, are required stay to the right of the fairway. Please apply common sense:

  • Do not cross in front of large vessels
  • Keep a lookout astern as well as ahead.
  • If approaching a large vessel,  make a prompt turn to starboard and get to the right side of the fairway. If you have a loud horn, sound one short blast, but in any case be clear and concise in your manoeuvres.
  • If sailing in races or company, make other boats aware of large vessels on channel 37 (M).
  • Consider making short tacks and go about midway across the fairway.
  • Always carry a functioning VHF Radio and maintain a listening watch on London VTS, unless participating in an organised club event where another channel is prescribed.

Complying with rules reduces the chance of over enforcement being applied, and learning to sail within the constraints will make you a better sailor. For more information please visit the PLA's Boating on the Thames website.