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This event for cruisers is raced annually, the trophy having been gifted by the Trower family who were long time stalwarts of the club.

Established: 1965

Course: Jenningtree, White Hart

Date:15 June, 2019

Briefing: 1000

Start: 1100

Tide: HW 1230

Wind: S-4

For once conditions were near perfect. A stiff southerly breeze and a friendly high tide turned our regular Jenningtree course into a drag racing strip.

Four boats registered and four boats started on a fast reach rounding Broadness to beat up to Stoneness. Freedom stayed off the wind a little and had to put a tack in, losing a little bit of time whilst the skipper waited for the crew to finish a phone call.

The predictable tug-barge came into view astern, but struggled to catch the fleet, all of whom were stretching their legs in the conditions. Freedom and High Spirits battled it out up past Erith towards the mark with Hinemoa trailing in their wake but still holding off Fleur de Leigh.

All boats rounded the mark well before high water and had to punch tide at the start of the return leg, meaning the lead boats had to stay on their game to keep their advantage. Fleur de Leigh was sailing under full genoa, but was managing to point high enough to overtake Hinemoa at the barge shed. With slack water came some gusts, and due to an error in moving the meat ballast around, Hinemoa revisited her submarine qualities losing valuable minutes whilst the cockpit was bailed out.

High Spirits was first across the line 7 minutes ahead of Freedom. Hinemoa was making ground on Fleur de Leigh on the home straight down St Clements Reach, and was handed a last minute opportunity when Fleur De Leigh got a bit lost at the final mark - however the transgression was forgivable given it was the skipper's first competitive race as helm. Maybe more attention at the briefing next time Stef?

Overall honours to Freedom!

Trower Trophy - 15/06/2019 at 1100

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Rank Fleet Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName PY Elapsed Corrected Points
1   Freedom   228   R. Smith   1067 139.18 2.10.33 1.0
2   High Spirits   4405   D. Atkins   959 132.26 2.18.06 2.0
3   Hinemoa   35   M. James   1148 160.45 2.20.02 3.0
4   Fleur de Leigh       S. ZMarkusoviec   1066 158.0 2.28.13 4.0