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This is traditionally the first trophy that we race for each season. It is sailed the nearest Thursday or Saturday  to St Georges day. There is normally a separate B class race for boats with higher ratings.The distinctive wooden trophies were donated by Linda Brown

Course: Tug buoy (7), St Clements, Tug buoy (5), White Hart, Tug Buoy (7), Broadness, White Hart

Briefing: 1800

Start: 1900

LW: 1845

Wind: F3 W

The 2019 season had a dramatic start. The Dragon Trophy had to be postponed from its originally scheduled date of 25 April thanks to an untimely storm peaking just at the wrong time.

The race was rescheduled to a more normal Thursday night and 5 boats started - 2 in the A class and 3 in the B. The winds started out as a  comfortable F3 from the west and all boats started taking full advantage of the slack water to tear towards the tug buoy on a broad reach.

The first incident occurred at the first mark with Hinemoa trying to sneak around inside the big boys, only to be squeezed onto the buoy. One penalty turn ensued. Then followed the beat up to St Clements. predictably the wind started to drop at this time just as the shipping traffic started to appear. Fortunately everybody managed to stay clear, and no carnage ensued

Souffle was showing her heels on her first outing following major surgery, with Southern Knight confounding her skipper's predictions of doom and coming a creditable second.  Hinemoa managed to make up some time on the long reach around the tug buoy and the reach towards White Hart - at this point the race was shortened to a single circuit as the wind continued to drop and the tide gained strength.

Southern Knight made a smart tactical move to take advantage of the southern shore running up past Broadness before gybing and crabbing across the tide to White Hart. Souffle, Hinemoa and Us 2 all decided to chance their arm that the wind/tide balance would be in their favour and took the direct route - but the wind was continuing to fall and was by now barely a 2, with the sun setting.

Newcomer Serenity got a bit too close to the shore, and had an unscheduled tea break - unfortunately the tide was rising  so they didn't have time for a second cup, but they did have to retire.

Souffle took line honours closely followed by Southern Knight. Each took victory on elapsed time in their respective classes. Hinemoa struggled against the tide to cross a distant third, but the light conditions, and lack of light, proved too much for Us 2 who had to retire.

Southern Knight took overall bragging rights across both classes, and claimed victory for the first Thursday series race.

A Fleet - 02/05/2019 at 1900

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Rank Fleet Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName PY Elapsed Corrected Points
1   Souffle       C. Noler   1043 1:25:15 1:21:44 1.0
2   Serenity       M. Paradiso   1086 DNF   6.0

B Fleet - 02/05/2019 at 1900

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Rank Fleet Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName PY Elapsed Corrected Points
1   Southern Knight       D. McLean   1198 1:35:15 1:19:30 1.0
2   Hinemoa   35   M. James   1148 1:55:57 1:41:00 2.0
3   Us 2       T.Baker   1208 DNF   6.0


Southern Knight