Why not try a different activity here in Thurrock?  Have you ever thought about a life afloat?  Do you dream of the freedom and the romance of the sea?  Why not “Push The Boat Out” with us at the Thurrock Yacht Club and come and join the fun at your local sailing club here in Grays.  We are easily reached and are situated not far from Grays town centre.  It’s a great adventure for the whole family. It challenges us, teaches us all patience and to appreciate nature, helps us to relax and is a great way of increasing and maintaining flexibility and suppleness.


What is it? / When is it?

PUSH THE BOAT OUT  is a RYA- sponsored event on the13th May, 2017. The RYA says “RYA Push the Boat Out is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your club and facilities whist being a part of a national celebration of our sport. The RYA is encouraging sailing clubs across the country to hold open days and taster sessions, inviting local communities to come and ‘have a go’ and experience sailing and windsurfing.”

The day starts at 12:00 noon and the activities should be finished by 6pm.


What's so good about sailing/boating?

Our aim at Thurrock Yacht Club is to welcome the people of Thurrock to our club, and to show those interested in sailing what we all enjoy about our hobby and our friendly club.  Don’t forget we want to have a little fun, too.  We are a friendly local club, full of local people just like you, who are interested in sailing.  We are predominantly a sailing club and there is no pomp and ceremony with us - you will definitely not be asked to swab the decks or made to walk the plank!


What's happening on the day?

 When you visit you will be matched to a club member who will show you around the club and give you a safety briefing.  You will receive on loan, a life jacket to be worn on the water for your safety.

There will be refreshments available, a chance to learn about river safety from the RNLI and also learn a few knots and some fancy ropework. There will be refreshments available in the clubhouse, too.

Once afloat you will be introduced to the skipper’s boat and will learn a little about how to sail a yacht under canvas or, if you prefer, the joy of cruising on a powerful motor boat.

You will have lunch aboard (please bring a packed lunch with you for this purpose) and enjoy a little snippet of the tranquillity afloat on old Father Thames.  However, there is a lot to see on this river still used by many mariners for work as well as leisure.

 After lunch it will be a case of “anchors away” and off on your own adventure!  This is your chance to put your new found skills into practice.   There will be a cruise up river towards the QEII bridge and an opportunity in the sailing yachts to experience some of the thrill of yacht racing as we all attempt to get there first!.  Nothing too arduous, though, as we know this is may be you first time afloat, however, be prepared to help spread some canvas and lend a hand, as the boat heels over to the wind as she races forward. We will go as a fleet of yachts and motor boats. Please be reassured that at no time will you be asked to do anything that you don’t feel prepared for.

Once back on dry land you can stay for a drink at the bar, if you wish, and exchange stories with other visitors and make some new friends here at Thurrock Yacht Club.


What to bring and wear?

 The day is free to all visitors although there may be a small charge for some of the refreshments.

Please remember to bring a packed lunch and some soft drinks for when you are on the boat. 

Also, please remember to dress for a day outside; so you may need a waterproof jacket, woolly hat and gloves; or hopefully a sun hat and sunscreen, of course all dependant on the lovely Essex weather!  Bear in mind it can feel slightly colder out on the water compared to being ashore.  Please wear soft soled shoes, trainers or plimsolls will be fine.


How do I get involved?

If you want to book a place or simply wish to find out more please either visit the club on any Thursday evening or email the club Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..