Our club is right in the heart of one of the most important maritime centres in Western Europe. This means our members are spoilt for sail and motor cruising opportunities

For day trips you can sail up to central London on a single flood tide for a night of cosmopolitan luxury in St Katherines or Limehouse. Heading the other way, a single ebb tide will see you safely into the anchorages and bywaters of the Medway and Swale.

More intrepid sailors wanting to stretch their sea legs have equally good access to the East and South Coasts as well as France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our members frequently organise rallies to these areas.

Some have even been known to leave their boats behind and go on charter holidays to the Mediterranean.

Whatever your nautical ambitions may be, you will be in great company at Thurrock Yacht Club.

Our organised cruising itinerary for 2019 is:


Calais Rally 24-27 May

Queenborough Bash 25-27 May


East Coast Cruise 12-21 July


Blyth Sands 25 August


Chatham Barbecue 21-22 September